Goalhub, your Learning Relationship Management Platform

Goalhub is a Learning Relationship Management Platform that enables individuals to build resilience in partnership with their support networks. The platform empowers individuals to determine their education, training and employment pathways through goal setting, personalised learning, planning, coaching and mentoring.

 K-12 schools, higher education institutions, organisations and support providers create their own encapsulated Goalhubs, to connect to and support individuals. Goalhub structures a best practice approach, that enables organisations to deliver the highest and most consistent level of service to their students, clients and connected parents and guardians.

Most importantly Goalhub enables an individual to be at the centre of their unique education learning and employment pathway as they learn, grow and move through their stages of development into their chosen academic or career path.  



"Goalhub Places an Individual at the centre of THEIR support network"

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Goalhub IS UTILISED by & enabled through a range of trusted supporters & partners

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