Support providers play an important role in aligning all elements that need to come together outside of the education environment. However managing multiple relationships and compliance paperwork can distract from the core business of providing a quality and consistent level of planning, coaching, mentoring and support. Goalhub takes care of compliance and planning  paperwork, whilst empowering support providers with the insights needed to deliver personalised support. Most importantly Goalhub can inform you of early disengagement to enable support interventions.  

Goalhub is an effective way to mentor and coach individuals through a goal-based personalised learning model. Through the understanding of an individual’s strengths, motivation and goals, their engagement and agency can be increased to develop their capabilities and social inclusiveness. Goalhub provides a private online space where mentors and mentees can work together to create and attain goals. Goalhub effectively engages and encourages individuals, arms mentors with the tools to provide a best practice approach to mentoring, and keeps parents, guardians and third-party viewers informed of progress and achievement.


Enable mentors to help identify an individual’s aspirations, goals, interests and motivations, that can be mapped to curriculum frameworks and dynamically imported into plans and reports.


Empower achievement through engaging in consistent coaching and mentoring, aligning goals with the capabilities required for success.


Reduce the administrative burden of accountability and reporting, enabling mentors and coaches to focus on achieving best outcomes. Provide executive oversight of all engagement.