Existing education processes can make personalised learning and planning difficult to achieve. Goalhub's platform enables teachers to achieve a personalised approach that complements standard practice. When a student's inspiration and engagement is dropping, Goalhub gives you the tools to inspire your students through goal and curriculum alignment. 

Goalhub is an effective way to manage individual learning plans, and support students with goal-based personalised learning. Through the understanding of the individual’s strengths, motivations, and goals, curriculum delivery can be tailored to increase student’s engagement and agency.

For students, Goalhub provides a private space to create goals and communicate with teachers around goal attainment. Goalhub is an effective way to engage and encourage all students, regardless of their academic ability; and keep parents and guardians informed of the student’s achievements and progress.




Enable teachers to support students in the creation of goals for living and learning, that can be mapped to curriculum frameworks, dynamically imported into plans and transitioned from year to year.



Connect guardians and additional supporters to students, forming extended learning support networks.



Support the delivery of a best practice approach to goal-based student personalised learning.