Each of us has a (metaphorical) mountain we would like to climb.  Indeed, some of us may have many.

But our best hopes are sometimes compromised by our ability to bridge the void between where we currently are, and where we aspire to be. At times, the mountain may seem just too challenging for us to ascend.

This doesn’t always have to be the case.

If we are considered, well prepared and undertake the ascent one step at a time, it is entirely possible to climb that mountain.

Three critical elements can assist with our ascent: a clear and compelling sense of purpose, an enabling process, and unrelenting persistence.

These three elements are interdependent and create a virtuous cycle that empowers achievement.


To establish a clear and compelling purpose, we need to consider what attaining our hopes and aspirations will look and feel like. What will you notice? How will things be different? What benefits will you experience? What gives you the confidence this will be the case?

The more clear, resonant and palpable our purpose,  the more motivated we will be to consistently behave in ways that demonstrate our purpose.


We then need a process through which to demonstrate our purpose and attain our best hopes and aspirations – goal setting.

By setting goals we can break our hopes and aspirations into manageable chunks, which can be time-framed, resourced and actioned. Like any process, goal setting involves skills that can be developed and refined through practice over time. To promote success, start small and build incrementally upon your goals. This will create a scaffold you can climb by demonstrating purpose to achieve your hopes and aspirations.


Finally, persistence is key to ensuring our commitment to goal attainment is enduring and resilient. It is a characteristic that sets achievement-oriented people apart from the rest. Without persistence, commitment to goal attainment may become fleeting, in which case success will be unlikely.

Begin your ascent to achieving your best hopes and aspirations. Clearly articulate a compelling purpose, set and work towards attaining incremental goals and demonstrate persistence – it’s as easy as one, two, three.